Side Hustle 101: How to Make Money Article Writing

Google searches for the term ‘side hustle’ have increased by 376% in 2021. Millennials and Gen z’s have taken to the internet by storm, to monetize their already digitally focussed lives.

And it’s working.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock - or had no Wifi - there’s no doubt you’ve seen countless posts, blog posts, and TikToks about creating your own business, passive income, and earning £100k by the time you’re 25.

As you probably already know, joining these flawless influencers, promoting their $9k a month income, isn’t actually as easy as they make you believe.

But I was determined to set up an extra channel of reliable income somehow. So, I began searching for the perfect side hustle – note the key word being ‘side’, I wasn't in the position to quit the day job just yet.

Fast-forward ten months, and I did quit the day job! I can't lie, I'm not making 6 figures just yet, but I'm comfortable.

And, the best part? If you want to make money article writing, I'm here to teach you exactly what to do. Read on for a simple, step-by-step guide to bossing it as a content writer.

What Is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle can be anything you’re doing to earn a little extra pocket money alongside your main source of income. Whether it’s tutoring, writing eBooks, or Dropshipping, each side hustle has the potential to keep your brain ticking and your wallet flush.

The best part of side hustles? Be your own boss and set your own terms.

Need flexibility? Create it.

  • Need more money? Raise your prices.

  • Need to work less this week? Work less.

What Are the Benefits of Article Writing?

Content writing is the act of writing text usually for the purpose of advertising, to persuade a person to take a particular action (here’s a hint, the action is most probably to buy the product you’re writing about).

To start, all you need to do is put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and write. Small businesses, agencies, and companies all pay, for flexible and freelance workers to write for them.

Why be a content writer?

  • There are infinite topics to write about – you'll learn something new with every article

  • With every job, you're investing in yourself and building a portfolio future employability

  • There's plenty of $$$ to be made

Content writing will expand your wallet, skillset, and knowledge and you’ll always have an awesome portfolio of published articles.

Ready to become a freelance content writer? Here’s what to do

1. Find Your Niche

What do you do in your spare time? Chances are, there’s someone that would like you to write about it. The most accessible content writing tends to be blog posts, they can be fun, informative, and informal.

Other options are email marketing campaigns, case studies, medical writing and social media posting. Think about what you know, what you like to write about and give it a Google search.

2. Develop Your Skills

Although my personal preference is to dive right into the excitement, and the money, this isn't a strategic business plan. It’s a good idea to invest in your own professional development first.

Take an online content writing course. A quick Google search will reveal tons of free resources to get your writing up to scratch.

3. Create a Writing Sample That You’re Really Proud Of

Now you’ve learned what to do, time to do it. Every content writing job you apply for will ask for a writing sample – have one prepared.

Whatever you do, do not copy and paste an old high school or university essay. Content writing requires a certain tone and your English essay analyzing Of Mice and Men probably won’t cut it.

4. Find Odd Jobs and Start to Build Your Portfolio

Create an UpWork account, do a Google search, and start submitting your writing sample to different clients.

If the hourly rate isn’t as high as those influencers made you believe it would be, don’t worry, you’re investing in your own writing skills and building your portfolio. For reference, a good starting rate is anywhere from $7-$20 per 500 words. Don't worry - this will increase as you become more experienced.

5. Find An Agency for Long Term Work

By this point, you should be confident in your writing ability, have a solid collection of articles and understand the market of content writing. However, chasing client payments, haggling prices, finding work can be tiresome.

Time to find a flexible, freelance employer to sort out the logistics for you.

The internet is flush with content writing opportunities, but my first advice is to look at The HOTH, a white label SEO service, publishing thousands of blog posts and articles weekly.

DISCLAIMER: this agency hasn't paid for this post in any way - this is the route that I took into content writing and I simply couldn't recommend it more.

Always on the lookout for content writers, The HOTH offer constant work, regular incentives such as writers contests, free webinars for training and CPD, affiliate programs, and certificates of employment.

As a remote worker, you won’t qualify for their full, office perks and bonuses but instead you maintain full flexibility and get to choose each task. No more bosses micro-managing you at 16:59 on a Friday.

So, you know that writing sample you so carefully curated? Turn the TV off, head to submit your sample now, and you could be a freelance content writer by the end of this week.

Article Writing: Your Next Side Hustle

I hope you've been inspired by this post as it's the first of many to come on this blog! If you were hesitant about writing, it's time to get off the fence and believe in yourself. Content writing has allowed me to quit my job and travel the world, and you can do it too.

If you found this useful, there's plenty more coming soon - check out post number two, all about writing engaging blog posts!

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